At Night I Fly

A film by Michel Wenzer

New Folsom Prison is one of America’s most notorious prisons. The film is a narrative about how this closed and brutal world affects some of the 3000 inmates who lives here. It is a powerful documentary about survival. Spoon, Marty, Rick, Big C, Jack and E-Clipse participate in the Arts in Corrections Program together with a handful other prisoners. Here they can meet and express themselves with creativity despite racial borders and gang hierarcies.

In Jungian psychology individuation is brought into the contemporary world as a psychological principle that speaks of the innate human tendency to become distinct and integrated. To become conscious of our purpose of who and what we are and where we are going. This power is at work even under the most inhuman conditions. With respect for integrity and with straightforward humbleness the film shows the possibility of individuation under extreme pressure.

At Night I FlyThe film is available on DVD and YouTube.