Gunilla Midbøe Psychotherapy and Consultation is the name of my enterprise, started in 1988.

My practiceDaring to go into a process of change requires both courage and longing. When I meet someone in the framework of my enterprise  there are some questions I will be curious about. What is it that has led to our time being booked right now? What is the story behind our first meeting?

It can be an unbearable experienced suffering, something difficult occurred that make it necessary to stop, try to be in what happened and meet someone who receives and bothers to be there to accommodate what is difficult. There may be a desire to change the perception of oneself for the future, learn to know oneself on a deeper level, or to be in a different way in close relationships.

All this sums up the importance of defining the mission, or the context within which we should meet.

Then to agree on the outer frames, the contract, also in a deeper sense than practical, in terms of times and fees, is also of utmost importance. This includes what we should work together on, what is most important, the central, the combustible that needs to be heard with or without words. So it can be a contract with frames in both the outer and inner sense for both of us. This ensures the security and stability of our contact.

The contact between us needs to be balanced so that there is an oscillation between the difficulties and the forward-looking, with respect to how the psyche need to express itself and with respect to the amount of energy and strength available. To meet today and every-day, around the clock, I see as fundamental. Change in depth requires time. Throwing around life can be done in an instant, but to change a deep internal structure takes time.

Context. Contract. Contact.

These three concepts can be used to shortly summarize  the assessment basis, necessary for every new professional relationship I enter as analyst, supervisor or lecturer.

My practice is in Arvika. There I work with individuals, couples and families. It is also one of many places for meeting with supervision groups in public and private health care, and social care as well as student healthcare.


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